What juice for what time?

Quel jus pour quelle heure ?

You don't know what to choose?
Here is Dr. MAISIE's prescription!

  • Cleanse Juice: for a supply of greens in the morning
  • Clear Juice:for the all-day detox, and...after party
  • Go juice: for the 11 a.m. pump
  • Shine juice: for rough mornings when you wake up a little groggy
  • Orange squeeze: for the 11am punch
  • Espresso shake: in the early afternoon, or just after sport, it defuses the helm
  • Avocado shake: the lunchtime snack, hyper-nutritious
  • Banana shake: for a snack, to avoid the end-of-day fatigue
  • Matcha shake: the little pleasure at the end of the day, just before a long meeting ahead
  • Lemon cure: to avoid colds, at any time of the day
  • Cucumber detox: for better hydration throughout the day
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