The Pink Granola

Le Granola Rose
You'll bite into them all day long...

No need to introduce them to you, the fruit and chocolate granola have become, thanks to you, the must-haves at Maisie!

Leave -offer you the new star: Granola Rose.

Our objective? To ensure that you enjoy your meal without feeling guilty!
Indeed, our recipe is low in glycemic levels, it consists
mainly of buckwheat flakes, pumpkin seeds, chia, sunflower, and puffed quinoa.

His specialty? Its color you won't be able to succumb to!
A magenta pink due to its main element: beets. This will
provide you with rare levels of betaines. Without fat, this recipe is perfect for detoxifying your body!

Our tips? Immersing the granola in a bowl of vegetable or coconut milk will have a pretty gourmet tint to the eyes.. ..

So don't wait any longer, sachets are waiting for you for self-service sale
at Maisie Café at 32 rue du Mont Thabor in Paris in the 1st arrondissement, or on the e-shop of Maisy.
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